Hudson Health is your source for PPE products

Welcome to Hudson Health!  We are a division of Hudson Associates specializing in the sourcing and delivery of Personal Protective Equipment to prevent or minimize exposure to hazardous elements.  Incorporating over 40 years of global distribution experience and supply chain management, HHealth focuses on the products necessary to provide the appropriate barriers for work, travel and lifestyle.   HHealth offers a full line of face masks, respirator devices, nitrile gloves, barrier gowns, head covers, shoe covers, face shield, and goggles to protect you from head to toe.

Hudson Health is your go to supplier for all your PPE needs with low cost solutions in personal protective equipment.  Contact us today for similar items not listed and volume discounts on your PPE supplies today.


Protect your customers, patients, & family with cloth face masks or FDA & CE Approved 3-ply procedural masks, KN95 masks, and N95 masks.  These masks are breathable coverings that provide a barrier against airborne particles, infectious materials, and splashes of body fluids.


We know that gloves are one of the most important supplies for nurses, other healthcare professionals, food service workers, and the general public to protect us all during the COVID 19 pandemic. As the first line of defense against infection and bacteria, high-quality gloves can play a major role in creating safety and protection.  We are able to provide nitrile and vinyl gloves that meet or exceed all applicable industry standards for safety and durability.


Our protective clothing will provide a barrier from head to toe.  Multiple varieties of disposable and reusable gowns, bouffant caps, surgical caps, and shoe covers help employees, customers, and healthcare professionals from being contaminated by potentially infectious substances maintain proper hygiene, safety, prevent contamination.


Face and eye protection products form a barrier to protect your face from bodily fluids, splashes, and airborne debris. Face shields and goggles provide an extra barrier when coupled with our other PPE products.  Our face shields and goggles keep out most airborne debris while allowing air to circulate to minimize fogging.