For over 40 years, Hudson Associates has focused on the packaging needs and supply chain management for customers across multiple industries. Our philosophy has been to combine industry expertise and transparent systems with customer-dedicated sales and service.

Our History

In 1978, John Trombley established Hudson Associates in Hoboken, New Jersey after he recognized a lack of customer-oriented sales and marketing companies in the packaging industry.  Hudson Associates initially centered around custom and stock injection and blow-molded plastic packaging in the New York metro area.  Today, Hudson Associates is a global packaging and supply chain management company that maintains offices in Pittsburgh, PA and Morristown, NJ.

Our Mission in Delivering The Culture of Yes™

In 1978, the founding principle of Hudson Associates was simple:

Find a way for the customer to do business with Hudson by eliminating obstacles and creating solutions. From inception, the culture of Hudson has been the Culture of Yes™.

Hudson has deep experience in packaging and contract manufacturing and will identify the most cost-effective solutions in a project-appropriate facility that maximizes the geographic supply chain. Hudson Associates has developed a straightforward mechanism to deliver the promise of this unique culture: the Single Point of Contact (SPoC)™.

Our Team

We have continued to grow our business organically since 1978 and focus on local needs. We have offices across the United States but will provide hands on customized support no matter where you are located. Together, Matt and Chris are trusted leaders who are committed to the company’s success and further expanding a thriving family business through effective supply chain management.

Our Causes

Hudson Associates gives back to causes that are cutting-edge in the disaster relief and recovery space. We have partnered with OpenWorld Relief, an innovative organization comprised of a diverse group of entrepreneurs, veterans, leadership trainers, doctors, nurses, and emergency response professionals. Their knowledge and experience guides OpenWorld Relief’s execution of multifaceted and nuanced disaster relief strategies.

Through our partnership with OpenWorld Relief, we have been introduced to several interesting projects and technologies, including atmospheric water generation (AWG) technology and Amphicruiser Rescue Emergency Response Vehicles (ERVs).

Net proceeds from our sales go to support OpenWorld Relief as well as the development of AWG technology and Amphicruiser ERVs.

Contact us to learn how Hudson can lend its expertise to your operation. We’re happy to have an informal conversation.